Why Property is Always an Attractive Investment

Aug 15, 2020

People have always been enthusiastic about investing in property. This is true even in tougher economic times, where many investors feel more confident putting their money into physical assets. Alpine property investment is, however, a niche that needs specific attention.

The property market in general, and Alpone poperty in particular, have enjoyed a real boost since conveyancing restrictions lifted in May.

What’s interesting is that the current boom areas are not the same as they were before. There’s been real growth in the number of people looking to relocate, particularly to picturesque or out of the way locations. We’ve seen record numbers of Brits starting property searches in mainland Europe. Alpine property has been part of this trend.

What does this mean for Alpine Property Investment?

This new development brings up some interesting opportunities.

It’s certainly reassuring that the property market is showing such resilience. More property searches mean there’s more demand, which is good news for property values long-term.

This is very positive for those who have been considering making a purchase in a location such as France or Switzerland. An increase in the popularity of picturesque areas can only magnify this.

Many potential-investors will consider this growing trend as confirmation that an Alpine property investment could be a solid bet. After all, the bigger the desire for city-dwellers to get out into beautiful settings, the bigger the demand for rental properties.

Why property investment is often particularly attractive during tough times

No investment can promise absolute certainty on the return. However, investing in property has a significant advantage. When you make this kind of investment, you have solid bricks and mortar to show for it. Property values may fluctuate over time, but the asset itself will always be yours.

This is a particular draw if you plan to use the property yourself. You and your family will get a great deal out of the experience of being able to visit and spend time in the property.

Property investments also proved more resilient in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis than stocks. While UK property prices dropped by 20%, the Dow Jones had fallen 50% in 2009.

It’s also important to consider that property is generally a much longer-term investment. Property prices may fluctuate in response to world events, but if you’re prepared to wait it out you will likely be rewarded.

Why premium property is a popular investment

Ski resorts are generally premium destinations, many will be looking to provide additional premium experiences in ever more creative ways.

Investing in high quality properties at popular ski resorts is likely to yield an attractive return over the coming seasons, no matter what else we have to contend with.

If you’re thinking about investing in property in the Alps and would like some expert and unbiased advice on the subject, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.