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⋅ About Alpine Specialist ⋅

As a Property Advisor integrity and discretion are at the core of the business, and our intimate knowledge of the best snow destinations and different market dynamics gives us a unique advantage. We work independently of estate agents so clients benefit from our freedom to put their interests first.

Alpine Specialist are Alpine Property Finders based in London and was created over a decade ago by Andrew Maude, an expert in the exclusive ski regions and property markets of France and Switzerland with specialities in property consulting to project facilitation.


An Interview with Andrew


How did you begin advising on property overseas?

I have had a passion for the Alps since my first ski holiday in Verbier at the age of 13. This led me to becoming an equity partner in a niche ski tour operator ten years later. This involved a lot of property finding and management for our portfolio. By the time of our trade sale to a PLC we had expanded to 15 top ski resorts. I was frequently being asked for advice from chalet owners or prospective owners so decided to start Alpine Specialist in 2005.


Do you find your fluency in French helps the buying process?

Having completed all my further education in France I have found my high level of fluency and affinity with the French speaking world has opened many doors throughout my life. This is particularly true of my many diverse relationships across the Alps that allow me to seek information from a whole range of sources. Ski resorts are small, complex environments and knowing a large section of people and professions always proves very helpful when looking for particular properties or information on their back story to help understand the value proposition.


What would your main piece of advice be for anyone buying a property in the Alps?

I always think of the process as a journey and it is extremely rare that a client buys what they first thought they wanted as their criteria evolves as their knowledge and understanding of the pros and cons of different locations and property types grows.

My advice would be to keep an open mind and think about which region/property suits your individual needs.


What types of projects over and above property search have your clients asked you to be involved with?

As an alpine advisor I have been involved in multiple different projects. Certain properties in Switzerland have required residency and I have been heavily involved in achieving this for several clients. I have helped a UK ski company expand their property portfolio and separately arranged multiple owner to ski company rental contracts. Most recently I’ve been involved in facilitating a highly complicated and ambitious residential property project in Courchevel 1850 which has taken 5 years to achieve planning.

‘I am a firm believer in the truth, integrity and discretion be it in life or business.’


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