Case Studies

A collection of case studies  detailing some of the projects I have worked on in the past.


Suzie A, Verbier

Suzie was looking for an Alpine retreat for her family to enjoy. I worked with her to identify which resort was the right fit and then to shortlist relevant properties. Together we visited the resorts and properties in question and were able to find the ideal home from home for Suzie and her family.

The hard work didn’t stop there. I was on hand to assist Suzie during the process of complex negotiations with the property developer and to explain and advise on the purchase structure and tax planning considerations.

Suzie and her family benefitted from regular, trusted support throughout the whole purchase process. Not only was the whole experience as stress-free as possible, they now enjoy a much-loved property that remains in regular use. 

‘Andrew provided us with an excellent service. He was totally unbiased and genuinely had our best interests at heart, which was heart-warming and comforting.

He was a knowledgeable and informed specialist. In every way he knew what he was doing from the kind of cars he hired, to the properties he showed us, to negotiating on our behalf.

He was always available whenever we needed him. He was 100% on the job at all times – be it Sunday morning or Friday night – this really appealed to me and I most appreciated it. He always returned calls immediately and seemed to always be on our case, no matter how many other clients he may indeed have.

His service was at all times completely professional and yet he was a delightful companion.

One might think one could do without an Andrew, but one would be quite wrong. 

I would say his service is priceless and highly recommend it.’

Noel M, Verbier

Noel is a prominent British entrepreneur who had long been hoping to purchase a property in Verbier. The administrative hurdles and language/culture barrier had previously put him off, but within two weeks of him getting in touch I put together a list of suitable properties and arranged for us to view them.

We found the right property on the first day of viewings. I was able to negotiate the sale quickly and very much in Noel’s favour. The property needed extensive refurbishment and Noel and his family wanted this to be done right away so they could enjoy their new Alpine chalet in time for Christmas. 

I project managed the refurbishment right through from major structural work to ensuring the property was fully furnished and fully functional. Noel and his family didn’t need to be on site during this process: I kept them up to date with regular project updates and photos. This saved Noel a great deal of time during what could’ve been a very stressful and pressured few months. Instead, he was able to arrive in Verbier for Christmas as planned and found the house totally ready for a luxurious festive week. 

‘I had been wanting to buy a place in the Swiss Alps for many years but had experienced a few problems. The Swiss laws on foreign ownership reduces the availability, estate agents didn’t seem to take me seriously and everything seemed to be sold without officially going on the market. I was also unfamiliar with the language, culture and pace of how the Swiss do business. I wanted a property in the Swiss Alps but I am impatient and wanted the process to be as simple as possible.

Within two weeks of contacting Alpine Specialist we flew out and viewed a variety of properties, Andrew Maude knew the village like the back of his hand, was familiar with many of the locals and estate agents, and his French was fluent. Andrew was totally unbiased and was keen to show a full variety of properties. On each viewing he constructively highlighted the disadvantages of each option.

Together we found a property. Andrew managed the process of buying it as well as working with us to plan the renovations. I dread to think of how complicated and stressful the months after the sale would have been without Andrew’s assistance.  

Andrew project managed everything and gave us frequent progress reports. There was no need for my wife and I to go out and visit the property while all the work was being done. We arrived at the property for Christmas. When we walked in and the Christmas tree was dressed, the fire was roaring and the fridge stocked with essentials… we could not have been any more delighted with the service Andrew had provided.’

Will G, Megeve

Will is a private client who is based in Asia. He was keen to purchase an investment property in the French Alps and wanted to work with a property finder to ensure he found a financially viable investment.

I put together a list of potential resorts and properties for Will to view as well as a thorough financial analysis of his planned investment. This included setting up meetings with multiple local rental agencies in order to make sure Will had all the information he needed to make a decision, including full details on potential revenue and yield. 

Once we’d secured the right property, it was necessary to enter into highly involved developer negotiations. I handled this on Will’s behalf to ensure the process was as smooth and stress-free as possible. I am now managing the interior design team to ensure the property is completed on time, on budget and on spec. 

Andrew has been invaluable in offering not only his perspective on the marketability of prospective investments, but he has also used his industry contacts to get specific resort expertise. 

Pre-sale, Andrew’s experience was crucial in presenting a balanced analysis in order for me to make a decision, while making sure he was sufficiently impartial for me to draw my own conclusions. 

Post-sale, Andrew has been of great help working with and managing the interior design team to stay on budget and managing through some specific issues with my developer. I am based in Asia, so this was particularly valuable.

Andrew has been a great asset to have on side as he has the drive to really help manage these situations. He is very hands on when required. His impartial domain expertise was a really smart investment.’

Williams Group, Courchevel 1850

The Williams Group is a UK-based development company. They enlisted me to manage a large development project they were undertaking in Courchevel 1850, France.

The development project has involved assembling and coordinating a team of professionals to secure planning permission for the demolition and reconstruction of two luxury ski chalets of a total of 15,000 square foot. 

This is a particularly challenging project for three reasons. Firstly, it’s an extensive planning application for which the gross development value was over €60 million. Secondly, the construction plans made it necessary for us to be able to purchase a neighbouring parcel of land belonging to the local authority. Thirdly the local government agency that handled planning applications for the region had been out of action for a number of years due to a legal challenge.

The approval process was ever-changing and involved a large number of legislative hurdles. I acted as a single point of contact for the whole team during this period, as well as negotiating directly with the local government and local authority. 

Due to the various complexities, this project has extended over a number of years but all key milestones have been successfully achieved. I was able to negotiate the purchase of the local authority land at a very competitive price and the planning application was approved for the ski investment property development to go ahead. 

‘We hired Andrew in 2014 as the project manager for our development project in Courchevel 1850, France. 

Andrew played a key role in identifying and instructing a first-class planning team that ultimately secured successful planning permission for the construction of two luxury ski chalets. Andrew also helped with the tender process and the appointment of a local contractor.

There were unforeseen complexities during the process which involved difficult negotiations with Local Government Departments. Andrew’s ability to react to an ever-changing situation with calm professionalism has proven to be a great asset, along with his ability to rationalise any given situation and offer impartial advice whilst understanding the bigger picture.

There’s no doubt his extensive understanding of the French way of doing business and being fluent in the language has been an invaluable benefit for us. 

Andrew is reactive, commercially minded and pragmatic. He has been a pleasure to work with.’

Ski Armadillo, Swiss Alps

Ski Armadillo is a private equity backed tour operator based in the Swiss Alps. I was brought in as a consultant after a management change. The new management team were keen to develop and grow the business.

I worked with the company to examine their current market position and assess possible opportunities for growth. Together we embarked on a series of wide-ranging changes that impacted all aspects of the business.

With my support, experience and network of contacts, Ski Armadillo was able to expand the programme, make product improvements and negotiate new supplier relationships. I also supported them through the process of overhauling their operational processes and staffing structures. 

‘I immensely enjoyed working with Andrew on a project to develop a chalet operating business in Switzerland. 

As well as bringing his vast knowledge of Alpine business and deep well of contacts, Andrew’s energy, personality and commercial strength were of great benefit to the project. 

The supplier relationships established and cultivated by Andrew – as well as the commercial agreements these led to – have been of significant and enduring value to the organisation.

Andrew is a creative thinker, is articulate in expressing his ideas and is very strong operationally. These qualities make him an extremely valuable contributor during the problem solving and execution of a chosen plan or strategy. His interpersonal and communication skills also mean that he is very good at getting a team or stakeholders behind a chosen direction.’

EVST, International

EVST is a luxury travel company that operates globally. The company is UK based but caters to the Russian market.

The founder of EVST engaged my services during the process of setting up the business. She was aware that setting up overseas would be challenging and was keen to get support from someone with extensive experience in the area.

I supported EVST’s founder in shaping the new business. This included advice on both a personal and strategic level. Together we ensured the business complied with all appropriate administrative and legal regulations. I was also able to identify opportunities for the new business, connect EVST with potential clients, develop marketing plans and establish robust execution strategies.

EVST was entering a unique market with specific needs. I was able to help the founder of the business to understand what was required and prepare her for the challenges ahead. EVST is now a successful business that continues to thrive.

‘As a new business owner setting up operations in a foreign country, I needed someone to help me understand the complexity and intricacies of the new market and navigate it efficiently. 

Andrew, with his extensive project management experience, networking skills and ability to break down and tackle complex situations, played a critical role in helping to propel my business towards several successful deals. He assisted in all aspects of setting up the business, from formation (including administrative and legal matters) to connecting with potential clients and developing marketing and execution strategies. I attribute the successful launch and subsequent progress of my business to the partnership with Andrew.

Andrew is able to turn a problem into an opportunity by analysing it in a dynamic, integrative way. Interrelating these opportunities with gaps and strengths in the market proved to be crucial at the pivotal stage of the company’s development. Andrew gave clear advice and helped direct the business toward the correct target market.’