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Why work with Alpine Specialist to help you with your Alpine Property Investment? It’s simple, you get a high level service with integrity, experience and knowledge that gets you the results you need. From start to finish your purchase or project journey will be personally handled by Andrew Maude, a fluent French speaker and expert in the Alps. Alpine Specialist’s unique services ensure your valuable time will be spent only on the important decisions at each stage, leaving the details in his capable hands.

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Our service centres around integrity. With no commercial ties to any region or property, you’ll get 100% honest and unbiased advice to ensure you make the property investment that is right for you.


Over 25 years experience in the ski and Alpine property industries means that we are in perfect position to help you decide what to purchase and where. Andrew’s discretion and wide range of contacts across the Alps enables him to provide value you can measure.


As an independent advisory service we are able to be office free. We’ll endeavour to be where you need us, when you need us, and will adapt our communication to fit with your schedule and commitments.

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According to the World Ski Awards 2017, the best place to ski is Val Thorens in France. The highest resort in Europe, this Savoie favourite has secured this title no less than four times in the last five years. But what makes it so special and how does this affect the property market here? In


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