Why use an Alpine Property Adviser?

For high net worth individuals or businesses looking to buy luxury residential property in the Alps, a successful acquisition process can be something of a refined art.

If you are looking to invest a significant sum of money into alpine real estate, an efficient way to research the market, source your perfect property and secure a smooth sale, is by using an Alpine Property Adviser. Outsourcing this process is a logical addition to your core team of trusted financial and legal advisers and the right person will be able to work with you and that team fluidly, to your best interests.

What do you get?

Inside knowledge and experience

The best advisers are niche experts not generalists. An experienced alpine property finder should be a professional with a long-standing background and reputation, with a black book to match. Their intimate knowledge of the market and network of contacts allows them to hone a buyer’s specific requirements and find properties, whether available on or off the market. They then negotiate directly with agents or property owners to obtain the best terms for the client. A native language speaker, your adviser will understand and translate the intimate nuances of the property market in your preferred country and resorts. They should also be able to advise on complex foreign issues and legalities relating to tax, ownership and finances.

Credibility, discretion, understanding

A skillful alpine property adviser is someone who can ask you relevant, thought provoking questions to reveal and clarify detailed requirements and desires. A perceptive, intuitive approach to this process is only available from the most accomplished specialist. By tuning in to clients, the right adviser builds an authentic relationship based on mutual trust, respect and discretion. With a primary aim to protect the client, your property adviser acts as a mentor and will ensure you know the true value of what are buying and fully understand the implications of your alpine purchase.

A personal service on your alpine journey

A trusted property adviser will take you on less of a process but more of a journey when finding and investing in your alpine home. Naturally, you would expect accurate independent advice when paying for such a service, but property acquisition is often so much more than just the purchase. It’s often a quest that results in a sophisticated education and valuable referrals pertaining to the micro-environments of alpine ski resorts. To maximise a high value property investment in these areas requires up to date knowledge of any real or perceived ‘traps’ before buying, but also the ability to offer counsel on subtle resort specifics. These would be local recommendations and introductions that may include: reputable concierge services, experienced notaries to interior designers, to other owners and the best family ski instructors. A two-season retainer with your adviser, is often the most effective way to facilitate an easy and enjoyable initiation into alpine life.

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