Ski Investment Property – Why France?

Jan 1, 2018

When people decide to invest in properties in France, it is easy to get distracted by all the possibilities. Most of us would immediately think of the endless fun and amazing activities on offer such as skiing, snowboarding hiking and even swimming during the summer months. However, what most of us fail to realise, is the potential property investment deals that are on offer, the potential profit that can be easily acquired. With the right attitude and property investment strategies there is always money to be made, even at 2000 meters altitude. Alpine investment can be a beneficial venture for the investor because of the sheer popularity of the resorts which contain numerous chalets and apartments ripe for the picking.

Let’s first look at why property investment in the French Alpine region is so popular. Its home to 44% of the worlds annual ski visitors which makes it by far the busiest and most popular ski destination. For this piece of information alone, it makes sense to invest in properties in France. I know what you’re thinking; there must be a reason why so many people flock to the Alpine ski resorts as opposed to others each year. Well there is, the Alpine region is home to some of the best winter infrastructure setups, these include, heated ski lifts that come with WiFi and 10,000 lifts that span across the Alps providing easy access to each of its slopes. There is no comparison to the facilities available in this region which is one of the deciding factors as to why most choose the Alpine region for their winter adventure holiday.

Let’s put aside the idea of buying property in the Alpine region for renting purposes and discuss the idea of buying a property to live in. One of the main reasons people purchase property in this area is that they enjoy winter adventure holidays and are generally outdoors people. The cost of hotels can be extremely unforgiving and so it may work out cheaper to buy a property to stay in once or twice a year. In the long run you will save money as opposed to hotels burning a hole in your pocket. It also means that you have a place to store you’re ski equipment in the off season and don’t have to rent equipment that may not fit each time you visit on holiday. There is also the option of retiring to your property and enjoying the winter wonderland scenes that surround it.

The most popular choice of property investment in France is the rent to buy scheme, this will provide the biggest return on investment in some of the most beautiful resorts which we will shortly discuss. The financial return for renting your property in the Alpine region especially in the French resorts can be so profitable that a person could break even in very little time. This means that, if one were to put down a mortgage on a house in the Alpine region, they could potentially pay it off within 10-15 years and the income from the property after this would be pure profit. One could even rent to skiers during the winter period and take a holiday themselves in the off season when demand for the property wouldn’t be as high. So, if you’re worried about not being able to rent the house when you’re not holidaying, my answer to you is “Don’t be”, the property will easily rent.

Let’s look at some of the most popular resorts in the French area of the Alpine region. There are many resorts, however we have singled out what we believe to be the best based on price, facilities and overall experience. You can then choose which resort you believe to be the best when deciding on a location for property investment. [If you are looking to invest in a property in France, we provide a Alpine property finders service]

Courchevel Investment Property

Courchevel is an area located in the south-east of France and home to the Courchevel ski resort. It’s situated in the heart of the Alps in the Northern section of the Tarentaise Valley. The area of Courchevel also has an airport which makes it extremely accessible for holiday visitors. The resort is made up of 6 closely situated villages which are accessible via ski lift or shuttle buses and is home to several winter activities which include dog sledding, ice climbing, Ice skating, sky diving, snow mobiles and Tobogganing. It offers a wide range of Chalets which can house up to 15 people. The return on investment from a property that can house 15 people will not disappoint and has the potential to pay off a mortgage at a more efficient rate. The Chalets are as close as 300 meters from the ski slopes which allow the renter quick access to the slopes. The Courchevel resort certainly boasts warm and welcoming apartments and Chalets. It’s not only the slopes that attract the numbers, people also flock to Courchevel for the nightlife, shopping facilities and Michelin-starred restaurants that are on offer.

Meribel Investment Property

There are plenty of reasons as to why skiers tend to descend to Meribel, however, one of the main reasons tends to be the picturesque wood built chalets on offer that portray a winter wonderland. The fact that it is situated in the perfect skiing location of Trois Vallées ski area only furthers the attraction associated with the Meribel resort. The Meribel resort offers its tenants a wide range of designer brand clothing as well as fine dining and excellent après-ski bars. Forty five quick and modern ski lifts ensure direct access to the slope peak as well as numerous winter sport activities including hiking, skiing, snowboarding and snow-mobile rides. Another piece of infrastructure that attracts people to Meribel is the 1992 winter Olympics facility which is open for use to the public, this piece of history adds to the property value in Meribel.

Val d’Isère Investment Property

Val d’Isère is situated in a little valley on the border of France and Italy. It is home to the most popular ski destination for British skiers and winter holiday goers because they are guaranteed to get snow filled slopes almost year round. This guaranteed snow means Val d’Isère is home to a host of winter sport events and competitions which attract even more people to the area. You can also be guaranteed that Val d’Isère contains the most supreme facilities as in 2017, the town began a building project to re-develop the town center of the resort which includes two new hotels as well as an underground walkway that links the town center to the ski lifts. The resort boasts several gorgeous wood built chalets and apartments for rent and purchase for which the investor is guaranteed to make a healthy profit from. Val d’Isère is said to be the number one ski resort in the French Alpine region because of the exquisite facilities, accommodation, food and drink and of course the winter sports available.

Chamonix Investment Property

Situated at the foot of Europe’s highest mountain – Mont Blanc and home to the winter Olympics in 1927, Chamonix has become the home of Europe’s snowboarding scene which not only attracts avid snowboarders but, instructors also come here to get their qualification. The town of Chamonix is home to 9,000 permanent residents. Of course, Chamonix offers a wide range of chalets and apartments to its visitors throughout the open and closed ski seasons. These chalets and apartments can vary in size with some offering 3 bedroom and others offering 7 bedroom accommodations. This makes it an ideal property investment for all potential buyers as it can cater for all levels of financial investments. Chamonix is primarily known for its snowboarding and ski slopes but like other resorts it can offer a wide range of winter activities.

Megeve Investment Property

Is also situated near Mount Blanc, not far from Chamonix and one of the main benefits associated with this resort is that it has its own airport which makes it extremely accessible. If there are no flights during the dates you are looking to travel then there is a nearby airport in Geneva which is a just over an hour journey by car. The Megeve resort radiates a much more relaxed and reserved atmosphere than other ski resorts and so people tend to travel here for the activities but also the cosy experience in the small town. This resort is known for its quieter pistes, great food and jazz music. If considering buying a property in this area it would be important to understand your potential customer. You may think of directing marketing towards a specific niche, for example, couples and families.

The bottom line is that any property in the French Alpine region is going to be popular because of the winter sport activities and the warm welcoming towns bursting with enjoyable nightlife and great food. The French Alps are one of the most visited ski areas in the world which provides a plentiful supply of potential tenants for your property. The property value in this region has risen in recent years as the market understands that this is a prime location for real estate. However, by renting to holidaymakers you should find it easy to make this money back in a short period of time. There are also options depending on your financial situation as you may have the ability to buy a piece of real estate in a prime location in one of the busiest resorts. There is also the option to buy a two bedroom chalet in a quieter resort and have no fear that it will make you money. One of the most appealing aspects surrounding a real estate investment in this region is that the property is guaranteed to make you money year round while you’re at home watching television or even sleeping…. think about that!

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