Alpine Project Facilitator

Undertaking a construction project or managing a property requires organisation and time but a Project Facilitator can take the stress out of your projects and help smooth out the bumps on the slopes to a completed project.

Our property facilitation service includes construction management which is ideal for alpine property upgrades or personalisation. Through independent, comprehensive and dedicated facilitation, we protect your property investment and integrity, planning each stage of your project and delivering it to perfection.

See highlights of our Project Facilitator Services below:

Local Relationships

Our expertise in the Alps ensures you avoid the costs, complications and potential risks that renovation and construction abroad can present. We have long-term relationships with site managers, construction firms, architects and designers, and extensive knowledge of local planning procedures.


Project Planning

We facilitate projects of varied scales and complexities. We’ll take away the hassle and handle the project for you, managing and monitoring progress. We bring every party together cohesively, maintaining all ongoing relationships. This upholds project momentum, prevents unnecessary delays and identifies issues early to save costs.


Impartial Support

Working in conjunction with your project team, we’re able to remain unbiased, providing an independent, objective review of all trades involved. This allows us to present an honest report of developments and updates on progress that you can trust are delivered impartially.

Peace of mind

We pride ourselves on lasting relationships with clients – continuing long after the initial purchase and project. Contact me below for more information or share your project needs.