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⋅ Why work with Alpine Specialist ⋅

From start to finish your purchase journey will be guided personally by Andrew Maude, a fluent French speaker and expert in the Alps. Alpine Specialist’s unique services ensure your valuable time will be spent only on the important decisions at each stage, leaving the details in his capable hands.

⋅ Our Ethos ⋅


Our service centres around integrity. With no commercial ties to any region or property, you’ll get 100% honest and unbiased advice to ensure you make the purchase that is right for you.


Over 25 years experience in the ski and Alpine property industries means that we are in perfect position to help you decide what to purchase and where. Andrew’s discretion and wide range of contacts across the Alps enables him to provide value you can measure.


As an independent advisory service we are able to be office free. We’ll endeavour to be where you need us, when you need us, and will adapt our communication to fit with your schedule and commitments.

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Ski Investment Property – Why Switzerland?

Switzerland was, for quite some time during the last century, the most well known ski destination in the world, with many of its resorts retaining lasting recognition. It’s been attracting alpine visitors for over a hundred years and this stands it in good stead for continued investment and sustained high value property. The Alps remain


Why use an Alpine Property Adviser?

For high net worth individuals or businesses looking to buy luxury residential property in the Alps, a successful acquisition process can be something of a refined art. If you are looking to invest a significant sum of money into alpine real estate, an efficient way to research the market, source your perfect property and secure


Courchevel continues to be a leader in ski resort infrastructure investment

It’s no surprise that Courchevel has again secured top billing in the coveted Conde Nast Traveller 2017 Readers Awards for ‘Best Ski Resorts in the World’. The outstanding skiing in this part of Les Trois Vallées plus optimum snow cover throughout the season, spectacular accommodation and a wide range of fabulous activities ensures its continued