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Exclusively for buyers worldwide who seek to purchase properties in the French or Swiss Alps.

Our philosophy is that your time is precious and our goal is to take the pain out of property search, purchase, ownership and management.

We help you navigate the journey from initial ideas to resort choice and final property selection. Discretion, adaptability and a keen sense of pre-empting your needs ensures that a property purchase will run smoothly under our watchful eye.

About us

Integrity and discretion are at the core of the business, and our intimate knowledge of the best snow destinations and different market dynamics gives us a unique advantage. We work independently of estate agents so clients benefit from our freedom to put their interests first.

Our Services

Alpine Specialist offers a comprehensive service for all aspects of property purchase, ownership and management. Working with retained clients as an independent advisor, our priority is to help you understand the value proposition of any given property in the Alps.

Why choose Alpine Specialist?

From start to finish your purchase journey will be guided personally by Andrew Maude, a fluent French speaker and expert in the Alps. Alpine Specialist’s unique services ensure your valuable time will be spent only on the important decisions at each stage, leaving the details in his capable hands.


Dip into our wealth of knowledge, from guides to the best secret ski spots in the Alps to current property market news.